Verfasst von: cu30000 | 8. Januar 2009

sorry silvercat

dear silvercat,

i deleted the link to your picture 

couldn’t find a way to comment on your blog, so i comment in my blog to you ^^


greetings, cu30000

Link to silvercat

Link to silvercat article (for comment)



  1. Guten tag

    Ich freue mich, Sie kennen zu lernen.

    It’s master of the silver-cat limelime.
    Thank you for erasing the image. ^^

    Thank you for introducing my site by this blog.
    I also added your site to the link.
    When the number of Japanese friends increases, it is good.
    It is a thing glad that the number of Duel companions increases.

    If one and Duel in a lot of countries are made through this, it is a thing glad..
    If it is good, Duel does this time. ^^
    Duel is always receiving it.^^w

    Then, I must be going.
    Sehen wir uns wieder.

  2. ok, so everything is cool ^^

    thats good, i love japanese lobby and
    japanese duelists ^^

    and all other duelists too from all
    countries ^^

    bye, cu30000

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